“Working with Dina was a complete God send and I want to take a moment to describe this experience. After a difficult personal journey in recovering from a job loss, I became quite despondent and lost in terms of “what do I do next”. I was on the job hunt, but literally did not know what to type in the search bar when it came to knowing what I was seeking within a career. Next enters Dina…within the vastness of Thumbtack’s objective of matching you with the right fit, Dina was the only one who sent me a non-auto-generated, well-crafted personal response to me. We immediately clicked in the consultation appointment, where she thoroughly explained how I could benefit from her expertise. From there, she assisted me in regaining my confidence, guiding me towards professional strengths and knowledge that I didn’t even know I had to offer. She coached me with how to converse and deal with recruiters—something I had never experienced before—and when the time was right to apply for positions, she helped me break-down the job description into a way I could understand my potential value, and together this allowed us to proceed with the resume and cover letter process. Can you imagine a scenario of a physician who made you feel like you were his/her only patient? This is what working with Dina was like. Along the way, Dina provided additional advice, words of wisdom, personal check-in’s, and “you might want to check this out” articles or videos. You could really feel the passion for the love of coaching others within her interactions. Within 3 months of her coaching, I have found a new career, one that I wasn’t even considering in terms of a profession. I whole-heartedly recommend Dina for assisting you within your career search or your professional growth! ” - C.C.R., Connecticut


“I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Dina. She has worked with me on my resume, prepared me for interviews, and walked me though negotiating the offer of the new job I got after less than three months of working with her.  I originally signed up for career coaching because I was struggling to get interviews. But I got so much more out of my experience than that. I gained confidence in my abilities and learned more about my strengths, passions, and what I really need to find satisfaction and purpose in my career and life.  I highly recommend Dina, you won’t regret choosing her as your career coach! "  - L.O. , Utah


“Dina was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in our career coaching and mock-interview session. She had gathered proper intel and research before our session to customize the coaching to match my needs. I was very pleased with her help and felt much more confident after our session. She is very easy to talk to, is so professional, honest and forthcoming, and I highly recommend her for professional coaching. I will certainly use her services again and continue to apply our learnings to my career today. Thank you! "  - D.D., Spain  (Yes, Spain!!! )